Document Services

Document Preparation Services

RPM Document Preparation is a registered Legal Document Assistant Service in Orange County California. We offer legal document preparation services. We are not a law office and cannot give legal advice. No legal document preparer is a substitute for personalized advice from a knowledgeable lawyer licensed to practice law. RPM Document Preparation is affiliated with RPM Tax Consulting LLC which has been in business since 2008.

Estate Planning

We assist with important documents for estate planning:
- Living Trust
- Quit Claim Deed
- Last Will and Testament
- Power of Attorney
- Healthcare Directive
- Affidavit of Death

What are the different types of Power of Attorney?
- General Power of Attorney
- Durable Power of Attorney
- Healthcare Power of Attorney
- Financial Power of Attonery
- Childcare Power of Attorney

Our workbooks make it easy for you to get your information to us. Using the workbooks, we generate all the documents you need to complete your forms.

Business Formation

We prepare the documents needed to form and maintain C Corporations, S Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships. We also assist with documents related to DBAs (Doing Business As/Ficticious Business Names), Non Compete Agreements, and Non Disclosure Agreements.

We have a unique ability to analyze your choice of structure and how it impacts your taxes.

Family Law

We can help you save on preparation of documents for these family law actions:
- Divorce
- Annulment
- Paternity
- Name Change/Restoration of Former Name
- Marital Settlement Agreement
- Joinder
- Request For Order
- Other

Our workbooks make it easy for you to get your information to us. Using the workbook, we can generate all the documents you need to complete your forms.

Civil Law

See us if you need assistance with:
- Contracts
- Small Claims
- Promissory Notes
- Prenuptial Agreements
- Civil complaint
- Civil response/Answer
- Interrogatories

Notary Services

What is a Notary? A notary is a public official, licensed by the state, either in business for themselves or in association with a law firm or other corporation. A notary public is invested with the power to witness signatures, administer oaths and administrations, and perform other functions.

Real Estate

Real estate forms that we can help you with:
- Residential Lease
- Landlord - Tenant Forms
- Tenant Application
- Background Check Authorization
- Move In, Move Out Forms
- Security Deposit Itemization Forms
- Lease-Purchase Agreements
- Sub-Lease
- Quitclaim Deed
- Transfer Property to Trust
- Transfer Property after Death of Property Owner


We understand this is a very difficult time in your financial life. We are able to provide you the end-to-end documentation required by law.